10 Reasons Why Mannequin Heads Are Used By Designers

A mannequin head is a great tool that is used by designers all around the world. It helps designers to see how the hat, scarf or a piece of jewelry would look like when worn by a person. You can find display heads both with hair and without hair. Not only designers, but they also help customers to have an idea about the product or accessory they are thinking to buy from a shop.

You can find display heads in vintage boutiques, retail stores and gift shops. You can find them on online photographs of accessories and products. They are also widely used in cosmetology.

Top 10 Reasons

Let’s look at the top 10 reasons why mannequin heads are used:

  1. They are used for practicing the application of various types of makeup. It is a better option to try a new makeup on a display head than trying it on a person and ruining it.
  2. They are used for testing a hat or a cap. Before trying it on a person, designers try their newly made hat or cap on a display head to get an idea about how it can look on a person.
  3. They are used for styling scarves of various designs.
  4. They are used for creating a new hair accessory.
  5. They are used for practicing various kinds of cosmetology procedures like haircutting, dyeing, bonding, perming and layering.
  6. They are also used for art projects.
  7. They are used by jewelry designers to see how the new necklace or earring will look on a real person.
  8. They are also used for selling products to customers. This is the reason why you can find display heads in boutiques.
  9. They are often used for practicing different kinds of massage therapy.
  10. They are used by designers for creating the first impression on their clients.

Thus, you can see that there are so many uses of display heads.

Beautiful Display Heads

You can find display heads that are aesthetically beautiful and functional. They are made of high quality, durable materials that are absolutely safe and non-toxic. The elegant display heads are used in expensive shops and boutiques.

They are proportioned realistically and are lightweight. You might have surely seen a display head with a classy swan neck on which an attractive piece of jewelry is showcased.

There are many companies who specialize in manufacturing beautiful, functional and elegant display heads that are used by designers and vintage boutiques.