A Guide to the Different Styles of Beautiful Pearl Earrings

Earrings are a fashion accessory that can make a statement about a person’s personality and fashion style intent. Any number of styles, metals, and gems are used in designing them. Knowing all the choices help you in making your choice of what style suits you.

Beautiful Pearl Earrings


Many styles are available. Each style makes its own statement. These fashion statements vary depending on what they are made of and what is worn with them. Some of the different styles include:

  • Studs

Studs are nonintrusive, but very fashionable. The come in all sizes, from a tiny seed size, especially suitable for the young girl, to huge bulbs, either casual, costume style to precious gems or metals. The face shape and earlobe size and shape should be taken into account in choosing the size. Colors can be chosen to blend or contrast with what is worn.


  • Teardrop

Teardrop earrings have a stone or metal, shaped like a teardrop, hence their name. The teardrop dangles, either directly from the earlobe or from a metal setting. They really set off a very short hairstyle, but are suitable for longer cuts as well.

  • Dangling

You might think dangling earrings are the same as teardrop, but there is a difference. Teardrops are, of course, teardrop shaped. Dangling can be different shapes. They can be one geometric shape, or a whole line of shapes joined. They can be a row of gems, fake gems, metal balls, circles, geometric shapes, or any such thing.



Any style earring can be made of any metals. There are titanium, silver, and gold that are normally used. These can be the entire earring, or just a setting or a fitting.


Both real and fake gems can be used. Almost any color can be used. Pearl earrings make an elegant statement for formal, casual, or classical looks.