Get Sexy with these Fashion Tips

Sexy is as sexy feels and in a lot of ways no matter what you wear, you look sexy unless you’re comfortable in your clothing. Sexiness in clothing is about the feeling of fabrics against your skin; it’s about being original and about feeling comfortable in the clothes you wear. However, there are some style tips that tend to work widely and still don’t tend to take away modesty.

Get Sexy with these Fashion Tips

It’s about the Unexpected

Sexiness can be about the unexpected. It can be about being slightly different and doing things a little different. Many women find that wearing men’s oversized items works for them – so men’s and boyfriend’s drawers have been ravaged in recent years, with women taking white shirts and blazers aplenty from their partners.

It’s About the Tried and Tested

There are so many tried and tested additions that can give a look sex appeal and red lipstick is most certainly one of the most common. Pale lips are trendy at the moment; however red lipstick is smouldering hot and has been for decades. Add some lip liner and use a soft hand and you can really heat up your look.

Sexy Young Woman in Red Tights Relaxing


The way you look has a huge impact on how you feel and there are also sorts of ways to preen and look great. From a fake tan, to visiting your dermatologist in London to ensure better skin, to a trip to your hair dresser – being preened can help greatly with the way you look.


The metallic trend is one that really adds that extra sense of thrill to a look and there are all sorts of colours, shapes and shades of metallic that can really thrill, excite and look very attractive. Look for metallic that flatter your natural colouring and tones and work well with the items you are wearing to make it shine,

dermatologist in London


Wearing shades or sunglasses can really add to your look and they create that cooler than cool feeling of mystery that really adds to the sexy look. Sunglasses are chic and once you get a pair that fit in with your face shape you can pull them off with almost anything. Place them on the head to add a cuter look. They also prevent wrinkles and other issues with the eyes, meaning they have a practical appeal too.

Put on a Great Front

But why not put on an even better back. Wearing items of clothing that show off the back and leave your items of clothing to create a great exit is very sexy. It’s all about being deceptive and catching them off guard. Open back dresses work very well here, as do trains and lace up backs. All of these have a classic style but still look red hot.

Open back dresses

So, as you can see looking sexy isn’t as you would expect, there’s plenty of ways to look poker hot without showing too much off.