How to Support Ethical Clothing Companies

Everyone loves new clothes, a new outfit, or even a new accessory to complement that new pair of jeans or dress. Unfortunately, the clothing business is a corrupt space, ethically. In some countries, labourers are paid only a handful of pennies every day for working more than eight hours, all because labour laws are so poorly written. Corporations often take advantage of those willing to work at any cost because working is seemingly better than starving. Now, not all clothing companies outsource their production like this, but unfortunately there are too many for any sort of ethical justification.

However, there are some ethical clothing companies out there and they need your support. You can actually get fashionable clothing and support ethical production means and even international nonprofits at the same time. These companies are working to make fashion ethical again and there are a lot of ways you can support them.

How Ethical Clothing Companies Operate

A lot of these types of companies focus on humane means of production. That means they don’t use harmful chemicals during the fabric-making process and they ensure that their workers are treated fairly. Despite this costing more, these companies have decided it’s worth it to do a little good in the world and make everyone’s quality of life increase.

These companies also use better material. They usually focus on organic fibres and energy-efficient manufacturing processes so that the end result is something clean, pure, and very comfortable. Again, this is not the cheapest option, but it’s more important for them to make something special that lasts.

Some companies even use bamboo viscose and organic cotton to make the most comfortable materials available. These companies do away with harsh chemical processes under poor conditions, ensuring that the entire process all the way through to you, the end user, is a positive experience. As technological advancements are being made, these companies use new clothing-making techniques to develop clothing that can even protect you from the elements even better by making sunlight-resistant clothes. If you’ve never heard of bamboo clothing, you should check it out online to see if it’s something you’d like to start wearing.


Lastly, the primary functions of these types of companies are to donate some of their proceeds to local and international charities and nonprofits whose goals are aligned with ethical business practices, and the conservation of natural things like wildlife and the ecosystem by using methods that sustain the environment instead of detract from it.

How to Support Them

As you might have guessed, the easiest way to support these companies is to simply buy their clothing as an alternative to some of the bigger retailers whose practices might not actually align with your ethical views. Each year, more of these companies emerge as part of the effort to do away with the old way of running a clothing business. It’s up to customers like you to support them and the people they support by doing your shopping with them, ensuring that the future of clothing manufacturing and design is a bright one.