Tips On Finding The Perfect Gag Gift For Christmas

Do you have a best friend that you like to send gag gifts to every Christmas season? There is nothing more funny than seeing the surprise, disappointing look on his or her face when they open up their gift and see one of the ugly Christmas sweaters.

Gift Wrapping

Now, when you choose a sweater that is dark brown in color with diamond designs on it. You will want to make sure that the package is beautiful wrapped. Make him think that he is getting something that he asks for. That will bring a more disappointing look and you will laugh your butts off. Do not forget to add that big beautiful bow just to make the surprise even bigger.

sweater Gift Wrapping


Have you ever seen those bulking Christmas sweaters that have lights sewn into a design such as a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, or Rudolph? Those things are an ungodly sight. If you choose to give one of these sweaters as a gift to your best buddy be sure to wait until Christmas morning to wrap it. This way you will be able to turn the lights on before you place it into that gift box. Guess you will be giggling to yourself while you are wrapping the gift box with that bright and shiny wrapping paper.

Christmas sweaters Lights


Of course, you will expect your friend to wear that wool, festive pullover to that special Christmas dinner. In the old days women spent a lot of time sitting around in their rocking chair knitting wool sweaters for their loved ones. Everyone always appreciated a nice warm sweater to wear on a cold day. Wool is not a material that is suitable for sweaters because it has an itchy texture. Would it not be hilarious to see your friend trying to enjoy that delicious ham or turkey dinner but is so uncomfortable because of that itchy, wool sweater?

Christmas sweaters Wool

Turtle Neck

Turtle neck sweaters or pullovers are not even in style any more. There are many different turtleneck cardigans that are available for you to choose from. The high neck style can be very uncomfortable especially if it is made out of itchy, synthetic fibers. Hopefully you will be able to find one that it has some fluffy stitching around the top so that it will look even tackier.

Christmas sweaters Turtleneck


Giving an ugly Christmas sweater to a kid can be more fun than giving one to an adult. Children work diligently making that Christmas list each year. Most have such a long list that they start preparing it before the holiday season even starts. Just think how disappointed Ralphie was when he received that ugly pink bunny suit from his aunt. It was hilarious but it was a silly gift and everyone got a kick out of it. Well, you can tease your children with a cat or dog sweater and be sure to make them model it for you. Be prepared for what will happen because everyone will be laughing so hard that they just might have an angina attack.

Christmas sweaters Kids

Author Bio : Gerry Tyler is a blogger that likes discovering new gag gifts for Christmas. He received his first ugly sweater when he was eight years old and makes it a tradition to give others a gag gift each year.