Why is Neoprene Fabric in trend?

In the fashion Industry, different kind of fabrics is used to make various kinds of costumes. There people looking for specialized fabric for their requirement. It could be for the dress, fancy bags, shoes and much more. Neoprene fabric is the most popular out of them.


It is basically synthetic rubber which can be stretched due to its elasticity. This fabric does not tear or compress easily. Environmental changes do not affect the material of this fabric. It resists heat, light and cold. For swimmers, this fabric gives the best swimsuit, so this fabric is also called as scuba. The material is thick and does not absolutely allow any air inside. For the winter season, many people prefer this kind of fabric. It is opaque and stretches if the body needs. Many people feel it very comfortable with this fabric. The swimmers find impermeability, light weight, and stretchy characteristics.

Fabric is durable

Sportsperson also has started using this fabric for sports accessories, clothes and shoes etc. These fabric sheets can be cut and stitched to any size and shape. Its flexibility has increased its demand in the market. People wearing it feel it smooth and at the same time firm. It can be easily dyed and customized by digital printing. People find the dresses made out of this fabric easily washable. People working in factories also use uniform as it is stain free and workplace temperatures will not affect their body.

 Mostly used as stylish wear

Fashion conscious people usually wear dresses made out of this fabric to maintain their styles. It stretches out when worn, it takes the body contour. There are photorealistic patterns on this fabric rather than any floral designs. Various fancy undergarments are made of this fabric.  This fabric gives a trendy look. Perfect fitting skirts and dresses give a perfect shape.

Other usages:

  • Other than fabrics there are other items like the bags, phone cases, belts made out of this fabric.
  • For the countries, where winter is a dominant season this fabric is perfect and fulfill their need to keep warm.

Many fashion designers who are using their creativity to make dresses using their brilliant ideas with neoprene fabrics. Many celebrities and fashionistas are found using this fabric to make their unique and stunning costumes wear at different fashion shows and elite gatherings. So, the trend is going high! Thus the demand of this kind of fabric is picking up gradually.